Crisp bread

We have helped in getting a system for inspection of crisp bread up and running at a major bakery in the middle of Sweden.

Assembly control

We have provided a vision system for inspection of a critical component to the automative industry. We say thanks again to a long time customer!

Code reading

We were choosen to upgrade a system for automated reading of challenging printed codes on steel at a customer in the automotive industry.

Monitoring steel

We are replacing an older, PC based vision system, with a new smart camera based system for monitoring steel at an existing customer. We thank you for the trust!


We got the opportunity to help in automating a manual station with a vision system. Another example of a successful cooperation with a customer since many years. Thank you!

Application control

We have supplied a complete smart camera system for accurate control of a critical component on a safety module for the automotive industry.

Putty line

We have once more hade the pleasure to build a complete line for automatic application of putty on flooring. This time at a customer in Poland.

Surface inspection

A complete system has been delivered for automatic inspection of sheet metal components with very high precision.


We have replaced an older system for measuring steel bars at a facility in Sweden.

Some like it cold

We have had the pleasure to install a system for automatic surface inspection of food at a dairy in Sweden.