Putty line

We have once more hade the pleasure to build a complete line for automatic application of putty on flooring. This time at a customer in Poland.

Surface inspection

A complete system has been delivered for automatic inspection of sheet metal components with very high precision.


We have replaced an older system for measuring steel bars at a facility in Sweden.

Some like it cold

We have had the pleasure to install a system for automatic surface inspection of food at a dairy in Sweden.

Metal production

We have got the confidence to install a station for inspection of components for production of aluminium at a customer in Norway.

Injection moulding

We have delivered a complete smart camera system for inspection of injection moulded components for the automotive industry.

Saw blade inspection

We have signed an agreement for delivery of a vision system for control of saw blades. We have delivered a number of facilities to this customer through the years.


We have got the confidence to deliver two systems for controlling packaging to the food industry.

Food inspection

We have signed an order for delivery of a vision system for controlling food products. This will be another delivery to Norway, which is a growing market for us. Delivery is planned for week 11 2016.


We have signed orders for delivery of two additional systems for mobile scanning.