New scanners on GeoTracker

We will be happy to offer GeoTracker with a new type of scanners shortly! That will mean improved performance and a more compact system. Contact us for more information.

It’s all about the looks

We have, together with a german supplier, delivered a vision system for a new line at customers that has been with us since the 80’s. Pr├Ązision!

Edge inspection

We have delivered a system for inspection of edges with 3D sensors, after milling on flooring products.


Minor upgrade with new lighting in existing application, made major difference at one of our long time customers.

Crisp bread

We have helped in getting a system for inspection of crisp bread up and running at a major bakery in the middle of Sweden.

Assembly control

We have provided a vision system for inspection of a critical component to the automative industry. We say thanks again to a long time customer!

Code reading

We were choosen to upgrade a system for automated reading of challenging printed codes on steel at a customer in the automotive industry.

Monitoring steel

We are replacing an older, PC based vision system, with a new smart camera based system for monitoring steel at an existing customer. We thank you for the trust!


We got the opportunity to help in automating a manual station with a vision system. Another example of a successful cooperation with a customer since many years. Thank you!

Application control

We have supplied a complete smart camera system for accurate control of a critical component on a safety module for the automotive industry.