A guiding eye

We have gained new confidence in delivering a vision system tailored to guide printing in the production of thumbsticks.

Looking at the top

Wood has been turned for almost a century and a half at Elfverson in Påryd, Sweden. We are honored to have them as a new customer, and to supply a vision system to inspect woodtops for bottles. Modern technology using area camera and 3D scanning does the job!

Automatic inspection

Gnosjö Automatsvarvning is a specialist in precision turning. We have been appointed to upgrade the vision systems in a fully automatic inspection machine at their site. First robot guidance. Then inspection with both 2D and 3D systems to sort any defective products. We say ‘thanks’ for good cooperation and pleasant acquaintances with both the customer …

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Old red lasers replaced with blue

We have delivered another system for edge detection. High speed scanning with laser sensors and a logging vision system for quality control.

Material handling with 3D vision

A production unit with robots is updated with 3D cameras. This new vision system will improve the material flow at a customer in electronics.

Guiding a robot

Smart laser sensors guides a robot to make very precise cuts in steel. This is a new vision system at a customer we know well.

New scanners on GeoTracker

We will be happy to offer GeoTracker with a new type of scanners shortly! That will mean improved performance and a more compact system. Contact us for more information.

It’s all about the looks

We have, together with a german supplier, delivered a vision system for a new line at a customer that has been with us since the 80’s. Präzision!

Edge inspection

We have delivered a system for inspection of edges with 3D sensors, after milling on flooring products.


Minor upgrade with new lighting in existing application, made major difference at one of our long time customers.